Compost Bin Reviews – Best Composting Tumblers 2017

compostbin1Composters, otherwise known as compost tumblers, are meant for people with backyards who like to recycle all the organic stuff! Are you wondering where to buy one? How to discover the best composter? We have put together an adequate chart of different compost tumblers down the page and the evaluation that assists you choose the perfect composter for your needs.

This website’s purpose is to give our fellow gardeners reliable and thorough reviews on various units of composter products offered online and retail stores. All of our variety of described products are evaluated by product users, enthusiasts and authorities in the composting subject. For that reason you can be confident of fair reviews and ratings since feedbacks are given based on true functionality and overall quality of these products.

As you browse down our website, you can also find out more about helpful tutorials and how-to’s concerning composting and gardening in general.

So, you have made the decision you need a composter for your backyard; we have just examined the models that are especially designed for backyard use. While the different models may differ in price, type, layout and function, all are designed to help you compost as effectively as possible. Most of the products look good also and can offer insulation against heat and humidity loss!


Let’s Have A Quick Introduction To Composting In General.

What Is Compost?

Compost is decomposed organic material. It is made from organic things like leaves, shredded twigs, kitchen waste from plants and some food remains. Compost is the ideal choice for healthy and natural garden soil.

Why is rotating the composter necessary? Turning the bin is required to accelerate the composting process by supplying aeration and by mixing the hot composting material with freshly added materials, as this triggers microbial activity to help break down the new materials.

There are many styles of compost tumblers. Some can be rolled around on the ground. Some stand still and rotate on a base. And some turn around on a center axle. All stating they give you compost quickly and effortlessly. So, is a tumbler something that you should consider to purchase?

Characteristics Of Tumbler Composters:


  • Makes the composting technique quick – turn waste into finished compost in only 3-5 weeks, if the factors are right and the compost is in a sealed tumbler. In colder, wet climates, it will take rather more time than 4 weeks to finish the whole process.
  • Keeps rats, mice, raccoons and pets away from compost.
  • Nice and clean looking, perfect for urban and suburban home gardens.


  • Usually cost more than upright standing compost bins – tumbler-style composters are mostly made out of fuller materials to keep humid, wet and heavy composting materials. This is not an issue with standing bin composters since they are open-bottomed and do not need to support weight with frame or base, which can also make them more costly to produce.
  • Bigger bins (60+ gallons) can be hard to turn – many tumbler-style composters are built for sizes of 30-100 gallons. A larger tumbler/drum is tougher to turn when full. Special handle for turning always helps.


Here Is Our Quick Overview On The Top 5 Composters:

Two Chamber Yimby/Forest City Tumbling Composter


  • Volume of 37 gallons (140 liters)
  • Easy to turn spinning two-chambered tumbling composter
  • Durable UV proof plastic bin with solid steel framework
  • Air vents can be adjusted
  • Makes compost in as little as 2 weeks
  • Rodent resistant
  • Made in North America

This exceptional tumbling composter boasts two chambers block one side, while the other side cures, allowing for simple and efficient conversion of kitchen and garden waste into rich soil enhancing compost. Simply load it up, close the doorway and use the built-in handle to rotate it every couple days and see how it creates compost very quickly. This Forest City Tumbler is made with recycled, UV guarded, black, heat absorbing plastic which is built to be rodent-proof. Helps you move waste from landfill or costly processing and turn your own organic waste into compost in your own back garden. Many customers have pointed out that it’s easy to use and many of them have bought it only because of its modern and good looks. Let’s be honest. Some of these models can look ugly in the corner of backyard, but this one will never humiliate you in your garden.

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Good Ideas Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler


  • Fully assembled – Low maintenance
  • Capacity of 52 gallons (200 liters or 7 cubic feet); 26 gallons capacity per chamber
  • 100% Recycled materials – BPA Free
  • Compost Tea collecting base with wheels-holds up to 5 gallons
  • 8 inch twist lids to secure the chambers
  • Safe for pets and children

This is what is called the next generation of composters. The Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler puts together some of the best capabilities in the range of tumblers to design a compact tumbler that does it all. Typically with compost tumblers, owners are limited to operating with one batch at a time. The Dueling Tumbler has no such problem, as it comes with two batches that can be controlled simultaneously. Each 26 gallon chamber is divided and can compost on their own. Also on the Dueling Tumbler is a compost tea gathering base which collects surplus composting liquids for later use on plant root and soil. As with many tumblers, the Dueling Tumbler is built using recycled Polyethylene, and in Lake City, Pennsylvania. This plastic is BPA free and FDA authorized for contact with edibles. Also, preparing the composter is very straightforward; just place it in a spot where there is the most sunlight during the day (however, be careful in hotter climates) and that’s it. The unit ships fully assembled. This Dueling Tumbler will bring your backyard composting to next stage!

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Lifetime 65 Gallon Composter


  • Heavy-duty UV-protected HDPE panels
  • Capacity of 65 gallons (246 liters)
  • Stable light-weight construction
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Galvanized solid base made from steel
  • Made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE)

This particular composter can recycle your vegetable leftovers into a fertilizer for your vegetable and flower backyards with the Lifetime 65 gallon Composter. It is specifically built with black, heavy-duty, double-wall panels to take in and conserve the heat inside that decomposes the organic material. The inner mixing bar lets the movement of oxygen to break it down into a great fertilizer. The light in weight 65 gallon tumbler can be flipped on its shaft for balanced rotation. There is no need to rotate the bin with pitchfork. Large detachable lid allows easy access for filling up and emptying with spring-loaded pin that locks rotation during filling. With compost elements encased inside, with the lid closed, the smelly, fly luring open-air compost won’t harm or hurt your nose in the garden. This unit is ideal for your backyard or garden, resulting with beneficial and economical organic soil conditioner and fertilizer.

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Good Ideas Compost Wizard EnviroTumbler, Black


  • Fade resilient: made of durable 100% recycled polyethylene plastic – BPA Free
  • Compost capacity of 48 gallons (182 liters)
  • Air vents create necessary aeration
  • Can easily moved to any location
  • Base can hold compost tea

Good Ideas CWET-BLK Compost Wizard EnviroTumbler can make composting hassle-free and pleasurable. Its ground breaking, small design can save space. There is no assembly needed, so you’ll be ready to compost right after shipping. The dark plastic helps to absorb the suns heat, allowing your kitchen and backyard waste and other organic materials to quickly process into fresh compost. Compost tea can be gathered from the bottom. As you turn the drum, all the built up liquid is immediately channeled into the bottom part. You can then draw the stored tea straight onto plant roots. Since the Wizard EnviroTumbler has low built design, you can relax knowing that your composter won’t fall over in the blowing wind. You can roll your batch to any preferred location around the lawn. You can then use your compost just like mulch in your gardens or distribute it out on the lawn.

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Spin Bin 60 Gallon Tumbler Composter


  • Manufacturer claims it will make full compost faster and with less effort than any other bins on the market!
  • 20 venting holes – better airflow, more circulating oxygen and quicker decomposition
  • Dual-mixing center bar for improved mixing and aeration
  • Broader openings at both ends, so you can quickly add new content no matter which end is up
  • Sure-grip lids for both ends, so you can shield decomposing matter from rodents
  • Rugged ribbed interior for added strength and better mixing
  • Dark outer walls to use heat from the sun for faster composting
  • 4 outer ports (1 per panel) for placing a compost thermometer
  • All this with 2-Year manufacturer’s guarantee

Quicker, easier composting with Spin Bin! The days of back-busting effort are over. Just load up your Spin Bin with kitchen leftovers or garden waste and rotate the composter! You’ll have nutritious compost very quickly. The 60 gallon (9.3 cubic feet) Spin Bin has excellent aeration: 20 ventilation slots for fantastic air flow, dual mixer bar for handling and durable interior to last for many years. The outcome of this is faster decomposition for nutritious, dark compost. This tumbler is made of recycled plastic, has super solid steel legs and can carry up to 60 gallons of compost. It’s also member approved by the National Home Gardening Club. This bin is easy to set up and use, there is and step by step guidelines included for quick, easy installation. It can be filled with new content whenever via openings at both ends. 2 year warranty is included. With this unit, there is a special treat – if you find defects in your Spin Bin within 2 years of shipping, just return it for a full money back or replacement. No questions asked. Manufactured in the USA.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Final Tips:

Still confused? Well, how big of a composter should I get, is 20 gallons enough? The 40-60 gallon models are effective and practical for a smaller family and garden. If you have a bigger garden, spend more time in the garden, have more trees, leaves and other waste materials, then the at least 65 gallon model may be more appropriate for you. For very large backyards, schools, restaurants or people with big vegetable gardens then even larger models would be practical, or you can always have two 50 gallon models, for instance.

How often should the tumbler rotated? About three to four times per week is well enough, let’s say when dumping kitchen leftovers to the composter, remember to give the tumbler bin a good spin!

My compost is a too wet and too moist – is it even composting? This scenario can appear quite frequently, most definitely during winter and with colder climates. The remedy to a good and strong compost pile is to keep a working balance between carbon-rich and nitrogen-rich materials. In the winter, just keep adding food waste and other moist nitrogen-rich components.

Purchase a tumbler that is within your price range. See that top rated tumblers provide great value to their customers by featuring state-of-the-art technology to their customers along with an excellent price. Our list of great compost tumblers is created after days of research and testing, you can trust us to invest in any of them.

Keep in mind – Composting is nature’s way of reprocessing your fruit, vegetable, and yard trimmings into rich soil enhancement.