About Us

Whether you are browsing our site to understand more about composting for a research project or to filter down a purchase selection, we are pleased to offer you in-depth reviews about composting bins and tumblers.

The popularity of making your own homemade compost has gone up a lot the recent years, with more people aiming towards reaching a more eco-friendly lifestyle being the most genuine reason to do so.

Our goals for this website are simple:

  • To help you understand what is composting
  • To help you make your own compost without complicating it too much
  • To help you choose the best composter for your needs

As with other garden related products, compost bins come in a variety of designs from numerous manufacturers. Standard and special product features include rotating, still-standing, one two compartment models, bigger and smaller ones, plastic and metallic models and so on.

We hope you will find a lot of useful info on this site and you will also share it with your buddies!